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My concept

My portfolio is aimed primarily at the German market. But if you're visiting from another part of the world, you may still find a domain of interest here.

If the subject of Internet domains is a black box for you, please read my introduction to Internet domains.

If you've got as far as looking for a domain for your business or for other purposes, read on to learn more about my business concept.

In general, the search for a suitable domain begins with the intention to set up a website. Creating a website is a task generally left to a web designer. Content management systems however enable you to produce modest websites without any technical knowledge.

The creator of a new website typically enters their choice of name on the website of the hosting company, and assuming that a suitable name is still available, selects and registers it.

A huge market of "pre-owned" domains exists. Generally however, this market is used only by website operators who coordinate their website content, domain name and possibly (and ideally) also their search engine optimization (SEO). This is an expensive undertaking typically requiring a much larger budget.

My business is geared to facilitating the search for a suitable domain name for a wider group of customers. I offer domain names together with ideas for how they might be used.

I've grouped the domains I offer as follows:

More information on the domain categories and a list of the domains currently available can be found on the relevant page.